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Wampler Triumph Overdrive

1.499 kr

Effekt-typ – Overdrive
Analog/Digital – Analog
Mono/Stereo – Mono
True Bypass – Ja
Strömförs. – 9v

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Triumph Overdrive


Wamplers Triumph Overdrive har många tillämpningsområden, allt från ett Smooth övertonsrikt kompljud till ett Punchigt driveljud som fixerar din plats i ditt ljudlandskap.


The Triumph Overdrive is a versatile overdrive pedal with a two-position voicing switch that selects Smooth or Punch modes, giving you two uniquely distinct flavors of overdrive. Gain, volume, and a three-band EQ round out the controls allowing perfect tone shaping no matter the application. Triumph will sit beautifully in the mix with assured clarity and a driving, rich tone.


In Smooth mode, the Triumph delivers a progressive gain structure with an unmistakable gritty presence and classic mid-hump profile. Dial in some soulful blues through a clean amp or experience growling bite when you push it through an already crunchy amplifier. In Punch mode, Triumph adds more low-end aggression but is organic enough to clean up with the guitar volume control


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