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Wampler Phenom Distortion

1.499 kr

Effekt-typ -Distortion
Analog/Digital – Analog
Mono/Stereo – Mono
True Bypass – Ja
Strömförs – 9v

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Phenom Distortion


En otroligt mångsidig och dynamisk distpedal. 3-bands EQ och en switch som ändrar voicingen från Classic till Bright. Phenom är anpassad för att passa de flesta situationer. Behöver du en bra Dist, då köper du en Phenom.


The Phenom Distortion is a dynamic distortion pedal that offers a range of tones from a deep, punchy rhythm sound to an ultra-responsive lead tone perfect for soaring solos and crisp harmonics. It has a flexible voicing switch that selects either bright or classic modes, independent gain and volume controls, and a powerful 3-band EQ.


In Classic mode, the Phenom Distortion delivers smooth, tight low-end punch and soaring lead tones. Through a clean amp and single coils this is the most dynamic of distortions, with an open organic presence. Play Phenom through humbuckers and a dirty amp and unleash a fire breathing monster. The Bright mode adds a glassy harmonic overtone which can accentuate different playing techniques and cuts through any live mix. Phenom is a flexible and organic distortion pedal with an original Brian Wampler circuit that is sure to become a classic


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