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VOX VX50-BA Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier

Compact and lightweight 50W bass combo, featuring Nutube, the new vacuum tube. Its distinctive advantages include a VOX original eight-inch speaker, a unique bass reflex structure that ensures ample power and rich low-frequency reproduction, and warm vacuum tube sound. There’s also a four-band EQ that allows detailed sound-shaping, a compressor effect that’s indispensable for bass, and an overdrive effect that provides everything from subtle grit to high gain overdrive. Also provided are a full complement of input/output jacks, including an AUX IN jack, headphone jack, and a DIRECT OUT jack for direct connection to your PA system. Aesthetically, the VX50 BA sports a red color scheme, a traditional VOX vertical logo, and a metal grille for a distinct and edgy look.


•    High 50W output power from a revolutionarily lightweight and compact unit.
•    The warm vacuum tube sound of Nutube.
•    VOX original eight-inch speaker delivers rich low-frequency sound.
•    Bass reflex structure provides rich low-frequency reproduction with ample output.
•    Four-band EQ allows detailed sound shaping for the bassist.
•    Compressor lets you enjoy tight-sounding performance.
•    Punchy overdrive.
•    A rich selection of input/output jacks such as AUX IN, PHONES out, and DIRECT out.

2,495.00 kr

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